YouTube Service Reviews/Testimonials

Skittles over delivered on this one. Awesome service. Already buying more. The bounce in view count is already attracting real subscribers and real comments. Totally awesome!

Just thought I'd be real quick with this review to mirror Skittles' awesome service. Video I put forward to him around 15hours ago had maybe 200 views, now it's at over 18,000!!! It was a 10k order so he over delivered by nearly 50% which is great. I've got no hesitiation in moving forward with this service and will probably test out 100k quite soon. So in summary, A++ 200views to 18,000 in 12 hours or so.

He's over delivered with his service!!!! OMFG, you're awesome!!! My 5K order is over delivered to 25K!!!! You're rock!!! I'm planning to place another order man!!!


Great service. FAST. Within 48 hours. Over-delivered. I just purchased another package.

I orderd 6x 5k Views and All of them were over delivered by up to 20k+++ one Video had even 43k LOL!!!!

skittles is A great guy and very professional! thats know how to run a company.

Ordered 200k- Skittles had them completed in 24 hours and over-delivered nicely.

As always, an incredibly reliable and excellent service.

digimondigitalmonste MY REVIEW

So I tried YTnuke, and they didn't work for me. Tried View Tornado, they took forever, and their customer service took forever to respond too.

Tried Skittles, and not only did I get what I ordered (300,000 views) but he OVER delivered by about 100,000 views! When this guy says he can get you on the front page, he means it. On top of that, he seems to literally ALWAYS be available when needed. Customer service through the roof. This guy will be getting ALL of my service in the future. Makes no sense to go anywhere else, especially with these cheap prices. If your skeptical like I was at first... stop and think, could the pages upon pages of positive reviews before me really ALL be fabricated? Someone would have called him out by now if this wasn't real.. don't ya think?


First time using this service. Ordered 100,000 views and so far my video is at 260,000 in 24hours!! Talk about over-delivery! Outstanding service. Recommend to anyone. Fastest, cheapest, best customer service!! So happy

Best youtube service on this forum, i tested 2 packages one with 5k views and other 10k views and amazingly skittles overdelivered by 300% for 5k view package to 15k. very happy with service and fast delivery.

Just ordered again two 5k packages

Last order was a 30k and I got 40k

THE YouTube Service


I have been using this service for a while, here is my review.

->Excellent prices, so good in fact, that they have forced rivals to lower theirs. A testament to how good the pricing is.
->Every time I have ordered, the views have been over-delivered by a considerable amount AND completed in an earlier time then stated.
->Skittles provides excellent customer support, and any questions I have had (no matter how odd or mundane) have always been answered in an honest & professional manner.

I can't recommend this service enough, it is excellent.

If you are unsure, I say try it, as at the prices involved- there is virtually no risk involved.


this is a freaking exelent service! bought 15k got around 25 XD ty!!!!!

Last night skittles took me up on the free review offer, not only did he provide the 5000 views he stated, but he went above and behind. He nearly doubled the amount of views he offered.

The time period he did this in is incredible! (the amount of time it took me to sleep and wake up). I've been using Vagex since it's free and it is no where near as quick as this nice service. So if you need quick views and have some money, I certainly suggest trying this out.

Only ordered 2 sets of 5k views on the same video and it's already on the top of my desired keyword! (I was only on page 7/8 beforehand)

Now the organic views and comments are rolling in.

Signed up to BMW just to say thanks.

Ordered 5K views and got over 12K views in under 24hours! This a great service if you're looking to purchase views look no further!

so far ive placed 6 orders Iam anticpating great resluts thanks skittles for providing when others couldnt~!!!

Had a very friendly chat with skittles so far lovely experience He also gave me a review of this service, and WOW it works Great and super fast too over 8k Views within 24 hrs I can only recommend it to anyone Great service Fast. And its the cheapest of 'em all!! without doubt the #1 provider of views for me.

Gonna use skittles service for my videos in the future without doubt!

Thanks skittles

Bought the 5k package got 11k
Thanks for the views !

WOW Skittles you are AMAZING!!! Bought 10k delivered in NO TIME. Thank god for people like you that are soooo trustworthy!! I've tried others on the net before and most of them were a scam... You just made me trust in good people again.

Ordering more woohoo!

Ordered 10k pack, now I have almost 20k views. Will be making new orders in the future. Very satisfied.

Great service! Over delivered by over 5,000 views and within about 24 hours! Very fast! All are counted in YouTube's analytics. I will definitely use again!

Ordered 50k, Got 50k. No disappointment here.

Bought 5k views and got 10k!! Thank you very much! I will be back again.

ordered 10k some time ago and got 17k thats what i call good service thanks!!

I definitely approve this service! Views were delivered in a timely manner, great over-delivery and the price is just right.

Paid for 10K got the views FAST!! excellent service A++

Amazingly cool guy! When the views were done I got an average of 83% AUDIENCE RETENTION! Meaning some organic views should be coming my way I didn't expect this. This guy is 300% legitimate and I'm becoming his regular!


Got my views delivered yesterday with 4k overdelivered

This was my second oder and I'm very satisfied with the results.

Holy cow. Ordered 100k and so far over 175k in less than 24 hours. Not sure how he does it but I am a very satisfied customer.

I recently bought 25 "real comments" Gotta say I'm thoroughly impressed for one reason. the comments didn't get marked as spam. this is the first time i've bought comments and they are sticking.

also i bought 10k views and ended up with 23k views which is lovely too lol

went to bed with my video having 6,700 views and woke up and now it has 21,756 views.. and i only ordered 10,000 views... thanks very much, i will definitely purchase again

My last order was 700k views and 106% were delivered. Best service! bigicedog
Hey skittles. I wanna say "happy anniversary" of sorts lol!! I just passed my 100th transaction!!!! That shows how much i love this service!! Keep up the good work and heres to 100's more!!

I must say the layout on the website is really impressive, its simple to use and easy to understand for anyone! Fantastic service, im sure that i'll use again.

This service is fantastic!

I requested 5,000 high retention views and received around 50,000 more! The retention is excellent as i now have a 83.9% retention rate which is awesome! Thank you skittles for this fantastic service!

I'd recommend this to anyone who wants there video's to go viral!

great guy, got my views over delivered 100%!! You really can't go wrong with this service. Affordable and you always get more views than what you pay for.


Exactly!! i ordered 5k..and now i got more than 10k+ views!!! Amazing service! you're the best! Thanks Skittles...will buy again!

Just 2 words: USE IT!!! The best service ever, overdelivered and in time!!! Awesome, im using it in other videos. Thanks Skittles.

Once again you have blown my mind with your results. I ordered 5k Views, and ended up with 30k Views!! It's amazing!!

And the 25 "Comments" I purchased they are still coming in! I will for sure order more very soon!!

2nd order of 5ok on 5 videos - got nearly 90k views - best view service there is right now looking forward t the comments

Amazing work Skittles! Service is legit.. you're about to get a whole lotta customers through me bro.

Ordered 15k views.Less than 24 hours got now 20k views.OMFG I can't believe that.Thanks OP good job

Ok my first review on BHW

It was the first time I purchased anything to get more attention on the web. Only ordered for 5$ = 5000 views and tried 2000 views on one youtube video of my channel (normal mode). It has not been 24 hours and my fresh video has already 2200 views (more than you pay for), I'm really amazed ! I watched the video closely last night and noticed that it got stuck around 300 views (I think this is a safety measure of YouTube or maybe ViralSocials to see if it are real views), after a good night of sleep I woke up and my video had around 2000 views ! All I can say is that I'm a satified customer. ViralSocials also has a sleek webdesign without all the booha, just as I like it.

Wow is all i can say, Awesome service with a quick response, just placed my second order, i would recommend this service to anyone who needs views,

well done skittles and thank you for Delivering, looking forward to my next order going through

Just wanted to say a big THANKS to Skittles for this service. Ordered 10k and received over 18k!! Will definitely use the service again. Best Wishes!

I ordered 75 K and my vid currently has 91 k, thats incredible! Thanks so much skittles, I'll be coming back soon

i just sent you my third order and PM the details

The last 2 orders were delivered within 24 hours and with an incredible overdelivering !!!

The reference service for YouTube views



Bought 10,000 credits and threw them all onto one video! Didn't really think about doing multiple videos, but that's okay.

Skittles allowed me to assign the credits with faults in my videos. Cool dude, cool service, delivered fast. And on top of all of that, the cPanel you use to assign credits is superb. Thanks man!
alright I got a ton of views to my vids I submitted. Like more than 1000 over the 2000 I assigned which is freakin awesome! AND My vid is ranking 2nd page now from being on the 3rd page for my kw. Idk if most of the views are from viralsocials or if they are organic. But I think you guys over delivered.

I've been using viral socials for a while now and can say they deliver views fast.

As usual.. Ordered views from skittlez.. Not only the views were delivered with lighten speed but i got more that what i paid for..

Skittlez service is the BEST on the market..

Awesome Job! Overdelivered! I ordered 100k and got 160K in 48 hours... This is by far the best service and fastest turnaround!

So far I'm very satisfied with the service, always over delivered by random numbers which is great for natural looks.

Skittles is legit i have bought 100,000 views and i got it in no time and he over delivered. Thanks Skittles, much respect!

Best view package i have ever got , fast and over by 40% - Big Thanks

All views got delivered in 24 hours and overdelivered! Big vouch to MakeYourVideoViral! I am very happy and I appreciate your work!

After testing the 50k package, in less then 24 hours all the views were delivered. So i can only conclude this Service is really a Premium one. At this point the competition can´t be compete.

Imediate communication, Imediate order Processing, 50k Daily and at this price Grab it RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Ordered 100k Got 120k+. Top service as usual.

This service is quite amazing. Both views and likes were over-delivered by 10 to 30%

WOW! I tried out viralsocials! I assigned 5,000 views to a video and got close to 7,000 in just a couple of hours! I have never had a youtube provider over deliver this much OR do it so fast! Most services take days to do this many views! Skittles is amazing! Best youtube provider out there! Highly recommended!
Thanks Skittles!


These guys know their work! They are super pro, over delivering and provide great service.

Highly recommended, much respect!

All the 2 million views are delivered in 3 days and i was really surprised by the speed. And thanks a lot for the over delivery I highly recommend Skittle's service.

I paid for 20K views, 30 Comments and 200 Favorites. Views were delivered quickly. Comments were delayed but completed quickly when I emailed customer service.

Once again they did the job on time and overdelivered! Still the best and most affordable service Ive used for hits.

Just bought 5k views, i received 10k!!

Thx for your great service, Skittles.

Views delivered within +/- 25 hours, over delivered also! Great service highly recommended!!!

You are the FASTEST and MOST RELIABLE service for such a great price!! LOVE IT!!

Ordered 5k views and got 14k !!! ROFL! Amazing guy


Received My Second order the other day, awesome service and super fast, looking forward to placing my next order.

What a fantastic service. This is the best I have found, and what's more my 10k were over delivered.

Awesome Service
Very prompt and professional. Responded immediately to all my questions. More than DOUBLED what i ordered very quickly. If we are lucky he'll keep hooking up BHW members up with these prices, cause he IS gonna blow up with prices and service like this. Using slower daily views on other vids, and will continue to order both services.

Really satisfied with your service so I'm ordering again.

If you guys still have any doubt, I will tell you if you need views, Skittles is just the BEST in his job. Placed many orders, always overdelivered by a lot, high quality, fast speed delivery and lowest price on the net. Not to mention super friendly support and fast communication.

This is my testimonial for the best view dealer out there, keep it up bro

Just bought 5k views and got 19k views in 14 hrs to be exactly.. Skittlez you are the MAN or WOMAN lol.. Also they have a cpanel where you can keep up with your package campaign(so professional) I recommend if you need any views check him out.

Bought 10k views just to try it, used 5k and got 15k delivered, great service indeed.

First Purchase, ordered 5k, got 10k. Basically got another order for FREE. Great service thanks

Outstanding quality!!! And over delivered. Always there to answer any questions and handle any issue's. Definitely the real deal.....period.

I just used in one video yet and i like it. bought 10k views and skittles overdelivered in 7k

i like the control panel too. super easy.

i recommend

I love this service!!! Prompt response and great customer service!!

This goes out the best YouTube Videos provider ! The Man's name is Skittles and he delivers in a fabulous manner ! I ordered for 100k views and he has delivered 2.5 times of what I ordered ! On time delivery ! You made my day bro ! A Million thanks to you ! I am ordering almost the third time ! Kudos !

Well so far I've used this service for 3 videos and it's amazing. Support is great, delivery is fast and god, do they overdeliver! Thanks Skittles, great service

I Placed My 1st Order This Week....I Have To Give You A 5 Star Rating On Your Service And Speed...I Will Be Placing Another Order Very Soon....You Already Have The Best Prices That I Have Found
Skittles completed my order of 420k views in 24 hours. With an extra 300k views. This is Fantastic.

Forget about View Tornado (WACK, Terribly Slow support), YTNukes (Slow service, only 1000 views per day, seriously???), Jumpstarviews (PSYCHOS and horrendous) I've tried them all trust me Skittles is THE BEST. Service on time and major over-delivery! You can't go wrong by going with him. Take my money please! lol 5 Stars. This guy is about to be a millionaire

I ordered 75k views. Skittles over delivered in views and gave me all of the views a lot sooner than he promised. He also answered all of my n00b questions via email and Skype.

A++ Service
I ordered 5k and received 10k which I'm extremely pleased with, views were delivered quickly and I was able to move from the third to the second page on Google. After using other great providers such as View Tornado I was skeptical about buying from Skittles because of the extremely low prices I presumed the views would be poor quality, however I am very happy that I chose to purchase from him and I will be doing so again soon. Thanks for saving me money

i have ordered a few times off skittles and every time he over delivered, he even got three of my videos on the front page, his service is without a doubt the best out there with quick delivery at a very reasonable price and he tends to overdeliver by alot every time.

Ordered 5k views and they gave me about 1.4k extra views than what I was suppose to receive This was all done in under 15hours Thanks I will order again from you guys definately Im so happyyyyy

Skittles over delivered again before he over delivered by 200 views, now on my 2nd purchase he over delivered by 6k views. He never disappoint clients!

Orderd 10K, received 15k. Great service you have here.

Skittles continues to deliver an excellent service. I have been extremely happy & satisfied with all orders, for those who have not yet tried this service- go for it!

Really great service, More then what i except .. i will back for others packages ..Thanks

Skittles was very responsive and delivered as promised. From what I can tell the views appear as if they come from Facebook which looks good. All in all, a great, cheap, high quality service.

Ordered 10k views and received them within 24 hours.

Fast and Good service!


It took him around 24 hours to deliver which is fast for youtube views. I ordered 5K views and got 11K views at the end. My video ranking using general keywords got 11th spot. This is a really good service and anyone who is on the fence defiantly order a package from him.

Great job bro, and great job on the work your doing for me. Very happy at the speeds and service. Keep up the great work.

Ordered 10k, got 21k or somthing! Also a friendly and nice guy, thanks!

Superb quality! The packaging was very, very effective. Speedy delivery. Thanks.

Great service, 5k views requested and delivered few hours later, highly recommended anyone to use this view service.

Bought 5k views. Fast service and support!! Definitely recommend this guy!

Cool I'm impressed. Ordered 50k ended up with 70k+ by day 2.

ordered 20k and he did 25k he over-delivered!!!


Dark Joker This guy is fucking Genius! bought 50k Views and Got 94k Views Words can't describe how awesome this service is.

Ordered the 5,000 views from Skittles recently. Within 48 hours views were received and registered in Youtube stats and order was over delivered by 3,500. So got 8,500 views for the price of 5,000. Excellent and prompt service for a very cheap price.

I can honestly say this is my first time buying views, and this is the cheapest I have found and I got the views very fast...awesome service and I am very pleased!

Great service! Ordered 5k views and got 7k. Will definitely order more packages

Very professional service, quick to get correspondence with and a great asset to any YouTube campaign. I'll be a returning customer for sure

One of the best ever Youtube providers!!! More than 15 K deliver on a 5k order...Ordering more already!!!

You have to support this OP!!! Great delivery!

- Order 5k got now 10k (less than 24 hours).Working like a charm.Great job

Skittles here exceeds himself in the last 2 orders:

1st - ordered 5k - delivered 14k
2nd - ordered 30k - received 49k

What can i say , this is a SUPREME SERVICE ... with a HUGE bonus of real time Customer Support (normally i´m answered in less then 15 minutes .... thats AMAZING!!!)

keep it up.

After trying out this service multiple times, I am back with my review and I've got to say the service itself is great. Always over delivers too! The price? If you want it cheaper than what it already is, you should look for a 9-5 job. The support is just awesome! I always get a reply to my emails in a timely manner and have had conversations with the seller via Skype. Can't say that about other sellers who only post a Skype ID but are never online or never reply!

Thank God & Skittles for this service!

The bomb!! Paid for 5k and got like 7k in les than 48hs. Thanks!!!

This service is freaking epicccc !

WOW! Ordered 10,000 got over 13,000 delivered. Had no problems with YouTube counting them and my accounts still looking good. Great one guys. Thanks.

Amazing Result for my view purchase! Thanks skittles!

That Was Awesome mate, i only bought 5k worth of views but now i got almost 15k views on my video. starting to receive traffics trough it too. thanks two thumbs up

This service is awesome! I uploaded a video and ordered 5k yesterday morning. Today I have 10k. Overdelivered by 100%. These are the BEST results Ive ever had for purchased views.

Amazing service!! I ordered 10k package yesterday and I just checked my video and have over 19k views o.O that's over 9000 overdelivered ...time to make some more videos

Thanks for this awesome service skittles...

I bought 10k. It was delivered 15k views. I am very pleased because it was done in 24 hours. I recommend to everyone.

thanks man, you are awsome , i tested your 5k views , it is incredible. hey newbies dont hesitate just press "buy now"

I bought views from this guy. By far, the best service about buying views that I have ever tried. Fast views, fast service , friendly support.

I will come back for more views, as they have the cheapest prices on the market. Many thanks!

I ordered the 50K package and views were delivered in 24 hours. 4k views overdelivered! You can clearly see the top quality because I got a lot of likes, comments and some subscribers too.

I ordered 5k views to test his service. Views came in less than 12 hours, he even over delivered like 30% more. I will definitely use this in the future, and I recommend it to everyone!

Delivers a high quality product again. Very happy.

============ blue

Skittles has great customer support, the user interface is simple to use with multiple options and the service is as described. I just ordered 3 million more views, 5000 likes, 1000 subs, 500 real comments and will be back for more. You can feel comfortable using this service, it is as described!


My little fast review:

-Good and reactive support always there to answer ur questions -I've paid for 5000 views and i've got much more than that! (1k more I think)

ok so here is my very quick review

- so far I have processed about 30 videos and ~600.000 Views. I'd say about 25 out of that 30 videos got overdelivered. out of that 25 videos that got an overdelivery, ~15 got a HUGE overdelivery (10.000+++).

- The Panel is AWESOME !!!!
buying credits and assigning them to different Videos is super easy. Just like Vagex,ADF,u2bv etc etc. Videos get approved within 5minutes to 4 hours. Averages at around 1 hour i'd say.

- I have not needed extra support so far, since everything goes very smoothly anyway. So I cant review that part

Overall all I can say is, that this Service rocks ass Ill stay for a veeery long time

Views came in with extra, thanks so much will definitely be purchasing more.

My first try of the service. Order 10k views, get 16k views under 24 hours. Overdelivered by 60%. Will order for more.

Ordered 200k got over 300k views, BEST damn youtube service out there.

Just bought 10k more views. Completely awesome service. Plan on using it for a while!

good service! Fast views + good support.

I placed 9 different orders for 9 different videos and the results are in. Again Over Delivery(50% or more), and Again Fast Turn Around time. This is soon becoming the only place I will by views from.

Thanks, more orders coming your way soon.

The last two orders I put in were for 50k and 25k. I got 150k views. I ranked 2 for one keyword and 13 for another.


I just placed an order again and will continue to place orders with Skittles!

Thanks again!


I ordered the 30k pack two days ago and was hoping for some results fast. What I got was amazing, way over 30k closer to 60k views and fast. I got the 30k I ordered in under 24 hours and the remaining "extra" views the next day. Will for sure be back again for my next set of videos.

Received my Views as Skittles over delivered and I have now 9k+ views to my video Great service

I just purchased the big order and I will give everyone at BHW my opinion.
-Views came faster than i expected (Around 100k a day)
-Views left some good feedback and comments.
- service was worth the money and I will recommend this to anyone who needs views.
- I loved View tornado and YtNuke but honestly these views are a lot cheaper!
hope this gives you guys the credibility you need to test this out for yourself. Thanks

Great guy to deal with and top quality service! Highly recommend!

Excellent service! Fast. He deliver plus 5,000 extra! Recommended.

Paid for a 5k package and ended up with 9.5 k views .. Wow .. thats freaking 4.5 k extra Awesome service and FAST delivery .. Will buy more once I get my other videos up ...

I ordered from Skittles and he overdelivered big time!!!

Ordered 5k, received 15k! Great job, many thanks, and good luck with your BST

Skittles was generous to offer me a review copy for 5k views. The video I gave to him had 800 odd views and now 24 hours later it has more than 21K views, which is almost 4 times the number of views that he promised as a review. All I can say is, if you need YT views than do not look any further than this sales thread :-)

Fast and cheap, it is exactly what it says. Overdelivered within a few hours!

All I have to say, is amazing. Skittles system is fast proficient and obviously the cheapest on the market. summersgone
Just ordered the 10k views yesterday,

and skittles just over-delivered 12k views in less than 24 hours!
I will definetely order again!

Op was kind enough to give me a review copy of 10k views. 24 hours later i checked my video stats and went from 31 views to nearly 26,000. That's more than double what i was expecting and my video. Highly recommended fast and quality views for a cheap price.